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blueberry smoothieHealthy Smoothie Recipes:

So lets cut out that fruit juice and sweetened yogurt, ok?  Time to get serious.

DON’T WORRY: I’m not talking about adding beets, kale, radishes, anything frightening to your blender.  After all, if you own a cheap-ass blender it’s probably incapable of handling kale and tougher vegetables.  (Believe me I’ve tried.  You end up with huge chunks/flakes. This sucks when it’s kale because you then have to “chew” them… ew).

Now if you want to step it up a few levels, here are some tips.

DAIRY: Whether you decide to put milk or yogurt in your smoothies, you want to reap the most health benefits.  I suggest a PROBIOTIC yogurt like Kefir.
Probiotic yogurts are GREAT for your stomach and have good bacteria that aid in digestion and keep you regular.  They come in a variety of fruity and non-fruity flavors with varying fat contents, like 2%, fat free, etc… I usually go for fat free, but go choose any you’d like, they’re all good for you.  They’re thick, creamy, and a great base for smoothies.  Highly recommend.  If you’re not up for dairy, use any other kind of base you’d like:  Hemp milk, rice milk, almond milk.  They’re all delicious and make great milk substitutes.  I’m skeptical of Soy but well get to that later.  If probiotic yogurt is too terrifying, buy non-fat organic plain.  Look for yogurt that has LIVE CULTURES—those have the enzymes your digestive tract needs.

Oh, and sexy people buy yogurt in large containers and not in individual packs.  Too much packaging = bad for the environment.

Other Healthy Smoothie Liquids: Water. Why not, right?  Boring but your body needs it.  Coconut juice.  Oh yeah, that’s a great one.  Buy a few baby Thai coconuts, hack them open however you can and pour the liquid into the blender.  Scoop out the flesh and that’ll go in too.  Yum.  They’re not too expensive and coconut is GREAT for you.

Fruits: You have a LOT of choices here.  I recommend:

bananas (they thicken smoothies up)
melons (cantaloupes, honeydew, watermelon)
frozen cherries
oranges (yes I’ve been known to peel it and throw it in there)
raspberries (expensive but delicious)
blackberries (also expensive)
Thai coconuts

…you get the drift, pretty much anything in season.  Buy in bulk and freeze them, or buy them already frozen.  Try to buy organic.  Sometimes I wuss out and just get regular—I figure non-organic is better then nothing.  And because I’m fearless, I’ve done apple slices and pear slices as well.

Don’t be afraid to wildly mix n match your healthy smoothies up.  I have ZERO “official” recipes and I’ll just throw anything together… you’d be surprised, most of it works.  Buy what’s in season, buy what looks fresh, and then blend it up.  If you want to make things cutesy, name them.  “Triple Blueberry Madness Delight” or the “Glistening Grape Unicorn Smoothie” etc…

PRO Tip: Liquid goes in first (to make things easy for your poor Walmart blender), then add your frozen fruit and fresh fruit on top.  Honestly there isn’t a formula.  If your blender is choking and sputtering, add more liquid.  If it’s got the consistency of water, throw in a banana.  I hate recipes.

The next post will focus on “SPECIAL SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS” for all you freaks out there…

I don’t believe in healthy smoothie recipes, but:

If you like it sweet:

Frozen (pitted!) cherries
Frozen (or fresh) raspberries
1 Banana
Frozen (or fresh) blueberries
Probiotic Non-Fat Plain Yogurt

How to give yourself an enormous Vitamin C Boost, no sugary OJ necessary:

1 cup of diced watermelon
1 cup of diced cantaloupe
1/2 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1 cup non-fat plain yogurt/Kefir Probiotic Yogurt
2 cups of ice

I don’t know, this is just good:

1 cup frozen pineapple pieces (or fresh!)1 banana
½ of an orange (or use orange juice)
Baby Thai coconut juice
A squeeze of lime juice
1/2 cup non-fat vanilla or plain yogurt.
Ice (if necessary)

And if you like piiiiiiiña coladas…

The juice of 1 baby Thai coconut
The meat of 1 baby Thai coconut
Frozen (or fresh) pineapple chunks
1 Banana

Healthy smoothies for weight loss?  Maybe.  But calories are secondary here.  The focus is getting the good stuff in your body.

Next we’ll discuss super healthy smoothie extras…


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kiwiThere’s no BS in these healthy smoothies.

FACT: Fruit is good for you.
FACT: Nobody really wants to eat fruit.

The following post discusses how to incorporate fruit into your diet.  I’m not telling you to replace all your meals with smoothies.  In reality this isn’t about weight loss.  This is about HEALTH.  This post discusses fruit and other healthful additions you can add to your diet to jump-start some serious nutrition.  Trust me, you’ll feel sassy and hot if you embark on a smoothie expedition with me.  And it’s dead easy.  Easier then getting away with suede leggings.
Let’s get to it.

This post seems unnecessary, right?  No.  Unfortunately, I know a LOT of people who don’t like fruit.

Some people are afraid of fruit and think it’s nasty. Understandable, if you’re bingeing on processed foods and sugary treats all day.  “Natural” sugars are going to taste gross and foreign.  So let’s make fruit tasty, healthy, and easy to eat.

So do yourself a little favor:

1. Scurry to Walmart or some other fine establishment.
2. Buy a blender.

Do it.  We’re talking anything, preferably something cheap.  I bought a decent one for around twenty dollars.  I’m sure you can get one for less if necessary, and definitely more.

If you already own a blender, skip those steps.

If you haven’t guessed, you’re gonna start making smoothies.

In order to start working fruit into your diet, you should probably begin this process gently.  You don’t want to end up with uncomfortable bowel conditions.  Trust me, I started out easy and then progressed on to more “healthy” ones that I now like.  I’ve still yet to move on to the veggie ones, partially due to my failing Walmart blender but I hope to get there some day.

BASIC smoothie recipes include:

2 (generous) spoonfuls of Strawberry Yogurt (low fat, non fat, your choice)
½ Cup Fresh/Frozen Blueberries
1 Whole Banana
Orange Juice  (add as much is necessary to blend to your preferred consistency)

2 (generous) spoonfuls of Vanilla (or plain) yogurt
Handful of Frozen Strawberries
½ Cup of Fresh Blueberries
1 Banana
Skim, 1%, 2% Milk (as much as necessary to blend to desired consistency)

So easy, right?  Healthy smoothies are great for breakfast.

Obviously, you can switch it up with different flavors of juices, yogurts, and fruits.  If you’re using fresh fruit, add ice.

Note: I recommend NOT using FROZEN CONCENTRATED JUICE or any frozen yogurt/fruit pre-packaged combo, or sodas, ice creams, and sorbet. Those are unnatural and sugary as hell.

These healthy smoothies are pretty palatable for just about anybody, and the fruit juice sweetens them up pretty nicely.  And think about it—you’re basically getting a huge bang for your buck!  Cramming 2 or 3 servings of fruit into your body in one go!  Go you!

If you’re still scared, I’d advise getting a cute straw.


Read on for more Healthy Smoothie Recipes!

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