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When I was out partying this weekend, someone announced to me that their boyfriend only ate “candy and meat”.  Subsisting mostly off of kale smoothie hybrids myself, I thought that was somewhat frightening and hilarious.  Almost as hilarious as my adorable sister keeping her muscular physique by bingeing on “meat and icing”.  What kind of meat and what kind of icing?  Chicken nuggets and Duncan Hines.  And she always looks good.  Sigh.

Well, if any of you do decide to purchase some vegetables, here’s an ADORABLE picture reminding you which ones should be organic and which don’t have to be.  I’m always forgetting and it’s just not financially possible for me to buy 100% organic as of now (hell, creatures in their early 20’s shouldn’t even care what they put in their bodies, right?)  Om nom.

Q:  Which vegetables should I absolutely buy organic?


organic produce

Yeah, I can never remember any of this stuff.  Oh, and I don’t recommend going on a strictly meat/sugar based diet.  But then again I’m feeling really flabby and mushy today, so what do I know?

Back in ’06 i was keepin’ it hot with Slim Jims and Gobstoppers…



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